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Camp Shiloh

Lutheran Retreat

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Our Ministry

Camp Shiloh is a very special ministry of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

We are called to serve you, to share with you the saving truth of God’s Word – Christ crucified for you, for the forgiveness of sins – and to offer to you a welcome retreat from the hectic and from the worldly, in this beautiful, calm and gentle place. The Hebrew word Shiloh denotes peace and tranquility.

The gift of this special place was received of God nearly twenty years ago. Since then, by God’s grace, individuals and families, young and old, have visited and returned to Camp Shiloh again and again. Over the years, through talented workers and generous donors, the Lord has enabled us to offer you more and better accommodations and facilities – from rustic and cozy cabins to much more luxurious options.

What We Offer

Jesus, and His Peace – reflected in our name and in our ministry to you. Come with your own home-on-wheels, or stay in a home away from home – in cozy and well-appointed cabins, or in ample suites with all the comforts of home, and enjoy our unmatched facilities for dining and conferences as well as sports and leisure.

When you choose Camp Shiloh, you are choosing a pleasant, tranquil, Christian experience, suitable for you and for all generations of your family. We welcome you to small, cozy and unhurried Bible studies by the fireside – come for study, linger for fellowship, coffee and pie.


We can't wait to see you.

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