Camp Counselors

If this describes you, you may want to apply as a paid or volunteer camp counselor for a summer camp at Camp Shiloh this summer.

  • A confirmed member of the WELS or ELS who is active in his or her congregation;

  • Has demonstrated an ability to work well with others, including peers, authority figures and younger youth;

  • Has a positive Team-member mentality;

  • Senior Counselors preferably have completed at least the freshman year in high school, but under special circumstances an eighth grade graduate could be considered; 

  • Preferably has some leadership experience in Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Youth Group, or the like;

  • Has completed an application and submitted a letter of recommendation from his or her pastor.

 Summer Camp Lifeguards

If you are a certified lifeguard and would like to have the opportunity to serve at Camp Shiloh this summer, please write Pastor Daniel Schmidt at or call him at (903) 329-1379 — or contact the Camp Director at (903) 855-1800 or by writing


Apply below to volunteer as a Kitchen Helper. Thank you!

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